With over 330 Markham stores and a diverse corporate head office in Cape Town, we have a wide range of positions available in the exciting world of retail fashion.  As a corporate retail organisation, this diverse infrastructure includes positions including in IT, Logistics, Financial Services, Operations, Human Resources, Buying, Merchandise Planning and Marketing.

We employ individuals who are incredibly passionate professionals in their chosen fields, love fashion, and build great team cultures.



Our Markham stores are run like well-oiled machines by our brilliant instore teams. Responsible for the day-to-day operational requirements of the store, these customer-centric brand ambassadors drive sales, manage risks and ensure the delivery of the superior customer experience synonymous with the Markham brand.

Positions in stores include:

  • Fashion Consultant
  • Customer Experience Specialist
  • Visual Merchandising Specialist
  • Business Process Specialist
  • Business Process Manager
  • Store Manager
  • Regional / Divisional Managers
  • Head of Operations


Every stylish new item you purchase at Markham from season to season was born in the mind of a buyer. Possessing a valuable skill set that allows for a perfect balance between creativity and analytical thought, buyers are responsible for developing product strategies for the business by identifying and interpreting fashion and market trends.

By understanding the needs of their customers, the behaviour of competitors and building solid relationships with suppliers, they are able to provide a seasonal product offering that is exciting, fashionable and the right fit for our brand.

  • Trainee Buyer/ Assistant Buyer
  • Junior Buyer
  • Senior Buyer
  • Buying Manager
  • Head of Buying


Every interaction made by customers with the Markham brand is a result of a strategy put into place by our talented team of marketers. They understand the brand inside out and make decisions on how best to position the brand in the market and keep it top of minds for customers.

Seasonal campaigns, advertising, in-store visual merchandising, digital and social marketing, and producing customer communications are also an integral part of the marketing team’s responsibilities.
Career Paths for Marketing:

  • Visual Merchandiser
  • Graphic Design/ Art Direction
  • Brand Management


While Buyers decide the product range and the trends that will appeal to Markham customers each season, planners ensure that stores receive the right volumes of these products in the correct sizes, colours and prices at the right time.

. Planners are analytical and enjoy crunching numbers, making it their responsibility to analyse past and current sales trends in order to forecast future sales. Measured on a number of Key Performance Indicators on a weekly, monthly and seasonal basis, they have to intelligently look ahead with the aim of maximising sales through proper product allocation.
Career Paths for Planners:

  • Trainee Planner/ Allocator
  • Junior Planner
  • Senior Planner
  • Planning Manager
  • Head of Planning


Our Human Resources team is responsible for finding, developing and retaining the best talent to fill various roles at Markham. HR ensures that every aspect of an employee’s association with the brand is rewarding, that employees are constantly developing professionally though various training and leadership interventions, and that employees receive competitive benefits as committed on our Employee Value Proposition. HR aligns our employee offering to our business strategy, enabling employees to deliver excellent results for themselves and for the business.

Career Path for HR

  • HR Trainee/ HR Administrator
  • HR Consultant
  • HR Manager